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If you need a mortgage and if you have not a bank of your own to obtain it, Dream of Life, the Building Company may suggest you a suitable Bank with the lowest interest rate per year.

A first share to be paid is foreseen 60 (sixty) days after the starting of the work. At this stage the first “Villa” will be finished as well as the foundation of all the others.

The first finished Villa will be available to be seen by the Members. Visiting this sample Villa, the Members may be able to decide if they need some modification to be introduced to their own housing.

The share will be 1.500.000 (one million five hundred thousand) Ksh corresponding to around 25% of the total cost.

A second share of 2.000.000 Ksh., corresponding to 30% of the total cost, will be paid at the completion of the outside walls, the inside partition and the roofing of all Villas. At this stage are excluded the hydraulic and the electrical plant as well as the flooring, the coating, the fixtures, the doors and the external works.

At the end of all works a test phase is foreseen. The remaining share will be collected and the Building Company will give out the Keys of the Villa with all the documentation asked by the ruling law.

5% of this last share will be kept by the Member. It could be used in case of small repairing jobs needed in the house. At the end of the said period the sum must be delivered entirely or partially in case proof of executed jobs can be shown.

NB: Friendly terms of payments including installments can be negotiated. CONSTRUCTION IS ONGOING

  • 1st installment: Total of substructure work.
  • 2nd installment: Total of outside walls, inside partition, roofing of the villa, including plastering and screeding.
  • 3rd installment: Wiring electrical system, plumbing flooring, bathrooms and kitchen cladding.
  • 4th installment: Installation of sanitariums, windows and doors.
  • 5th installment: Internal and external painting.
  • 6th installment: External arrangements.

NB: This way of payment is for buyers that want the house in six to seven months. Friendly terms of payments including installments can be negotiated. CONSTRUCTION IS ONGOING