I have been working with San Marco Project for many years. San Marco Project is a cooperation between Italia Government and Kenya, ‘NGOMENI. Now I am retired and my intention is to built beautiful villas for Kenyan people at acceptable price. I thought that this could be a way to give back something of what I got during my staying in Kenya.

CEO (Dream Of Life)Emilio Fioravanti.

DREAM OF LIFE LTD  registered on 16th day of March 2015. P.N. P051533499S.

Reading the names of the various Project, you may have realized they are names of sons or nephews. These are the names of those little creatures that allow you to face life in moments in which all what you have done before seems so far and so difficult. But you do not give up and get ready to fight the time that slowly tries to pull you into the dark zone where there is no sign and space for love and beauty; you cannot do much but be transported and pray to arrive to the end quickly, so that to be remembered by family and friends becomes easier.

These creatures, as I call them, fill up my life with love and beauty: I don’t allow myself to be transported into the dark. There is still a lot of time and therefore I say to all of you: let us finish these Project because there is Carola, another of those creature, who is waiting for a future Project to be named after her.