Dear CustomerFuture Villa Owner

We will:

  • Listen to you;
  • Involve you in the solution;
  • Transform your dream into a solid reality.

And we are sure that you will:

  • Be our ambassador in recommending us to your friends
  • Keep coming back to us because you have founded a group of friends;
  • Sequence to own a Villa
  • Preliminary meeting and Induction

    Preliminary meeting with the “Canditate Buyers” (from now on called Members).  During this meeting the Members choose, according to the date of subscription to the program

  • Subscription

    During subscription members choose, the house(Villa) they intend to buy. This choice will be done examining the building drawings, the mock-up of the entire Residence and the Villa already built as sample.

    It is to be pointed out that the subscription does not cost anything and it does not create any commitment or obligation for the Member.  

    On the contrary Dream of Life Company could apply a small discount on the cost of the Villa for the first three subscriptions.

  • Assignment of the chosen Villa.

    Subscription is necessary for the Assignment of the chosen Villa. The Assignment gives to the Member the right of pre-emption on the housing chosen. It also gives the possibility to take possession of it, when the construction is over.

    This will not be valid if the Member is not up to date with the foreseen payments.

  • Subscription Termination/Substitution

    In case the Member decides to leave the program before its natural end, his/her place will be taken by who was enrolled in the program as a back-up Member. Once the substitution has taken place, the resigned Member will be refunded of what He/She has already paid.

  • Dream of Life wants to point out that the subscription is necessary in order to know how many people are interested to buy an house and beside that it is important which type of Villa should be built.

  • Move into Your Villa